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    Ask your queries here.

    Hello dear members, I have started this thread to clear your doubts about UKS. If you have any queries then please share here, also if you want to give some suggestion about improvement of UKS then you are welcome here.
    So please participate more and more in this thread.
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    Hello dear members, your posts will be reviewed shortly. Dear webmaster have assured me about it. Till then just keep posting. Please post something in Classified section to see how good this website is.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Narender Sharma.

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    Hello, Narender
    The question I want to ask is that in total how many editors and web masters are there ?
    I am asking this question as inspite of so less members in this site new submissions are not reviewed on daily basis.
    Also I want to ask, whether these webmasters and editors are regular or not, As most of the time I am online but except two or three people I don't see any of them to be online.
    It's good that being an editor of forum section you are regular and very fast in replying.

    Hoping for an early answer.
    yours friendly,
    Ankit Sharma

    Ankit Sharma

    "Great heights are always attractive but not the steps to them"

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    Dear Narender,
    I have another query, about this site. Again and again I am trying to obtain my member rank by clicking on "Recalculate my points and member rank", but do not get it. What might be the proper reason for this?

    Hoping for the soon reply.
    Yours friendly,
    Ankit Sharma

    Ankit Sharma

    "Great heights are always attractive but not the steps to them"

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    Hello Ankit, member ranks are calculated every week automatically. So don't worry about it, just keep posting. You are really a very active member and a brilliant contributer.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Narender Sharma.

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    Hello Ankit, actually there are only two active editors on Uttarakhand Spider one is me and other is sir Pawan. I have given the charge of only Classified section and all other posts are edited by sir Pawan. I have asked sir to increase my editing field. If you will post here continuisly then I will appointed as a complete editor very soon. I hope you got my point. If you still have doubts please share them.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Narender Sharma.

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    Whats is this. Answers are coming early then questions.
    Very Strange.

    Mr. Ankit. We are regularly online And also if you have any doubt you can ask here or as told by Narender You can see our Help Section.

    Post Regularly & Quality content It Will Help you In Becoming Editor.
    Thanks & Regards

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