Industries in state Uttarakhand

State Uttarakhand has a vast investment potential in areas like tourism, agriculture, forestry, pharmaceutical sector. State Uttarakhand is having both small as well large scale industries. Here is some information about industries in state Uttarakhand. For further information kindly read the article as below:

Uttarakhand in industrial field

Industries of any state form the basis of economic stand of that state. Industries of one state helps the government to compete with the other state. Industries are playing a significant role in state Uttarakhand. State Uttarakhand is situated in the foothills of great Himalaya. Great Himalaya is the resource of lot of other resources, we can take the example of mineral resources etc. Great Himalaya largely contributes toward the development of industries in Uttarakhand.
Important factor in the development of industries in state Uttarakhand is:
- availability of raw material
- availability of cheap labor
- transport facility
In today's world, industries plays a great role in the success of any state thereby any country. Industries are removing the problem of poverty from state Uttarakhand.

SIDCUL ( The State Industrial Corporation Of Uttarakhand Limited)

The State Industrial Corporation Of Uttarakhand Limited has developed seven industrial estates and thus helping industries for further development. SIDCUL is functioning as the Nodal Agency and is an industrial government of state Uttarakhand which promotes and develops industries in state Uttarakhand. SIDCUL headquarter is in Dehradun. SIDCUL has participation from SIDBI, OBC, UBI. Other banks are also in process of participating in its equity. SIDCUL is a multi-purpose industrial promotion investment arranging and infrastructure development corporation.

Major industries of state Uttarakhand area

- Tourism Industry
- Cement Industry
- Pharmaceuticals
- Textile industries
- Food Processing Industries
- Electrical engineeringThere are approximately 41,216 small scale industries in state Uttarakhand and approximately 191 large scale industries. Industries are providing employment to the many people of state Uttarakhand about more than 50,802 people.Some of the industries of state Uttarakhand are discussed as below:

Tourism Industry

As state Uttarakhand is land of spectacular landforms, mountains, glaciers, lakes and temples. Therefore the most successfull industry in state Uttarakhand is tourism industry having 80% of UP's tourism centres. But the tourism industry is legging behind because of the
- lack of facilities provided
- lack of infrastructure
- because of negalancy of state government
The government of Uttarakhand has not given proper boost for the development of this sector.
Government of Uttarakhand should take some appropriate steps for the development of this sector so that to make Uttarakhand as the major tourist destination all over India.

Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTTB)

UTTB is a tourism development board of state Uttarakhand. UTTB is chaired by the tourism minister of Uttarakhand with chief secretary as the vice chairman and five most leading experts from the private sector as its members. This Nodal Agency of Uttarakhand regulate activities which are related with tourism and also acts as a agency for the development of tourism industry.

Horticulture industry in Uttarakhand

As the land of state Uttarakhand can produce plum, apricot, pear, oranges, apples, guava, peach, grapes etc. Thus Uttarakhand land has immense potential for the development of horticulture crops. About 175 medicinal herbs are found in state Uttarakhand.

Floriculture industry in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is suitable for the development of floriculture industry. Floriculture industries are being developed in a bigger way to meet the needs of both domestic as well as foreign markets. Uttarakhand is having appropriate climate for the growth of ideal flowers all round the year.

Food Processing Industry in Uttarakhand

One of the major industry of state Uttarakhand is food processing industry and the ministry of food processing industry i.e. MFPI included different areas for the set up of food processing industries in Uttarakhand and will be eligible for higher incentives under the scheme of MFPI.

Handloom, Handicrafts, wool based industry

Wool, handloom, handicrafts industries are traditional village industries. These skill-rich industries are tapped by state government of Uttarakhand by providing new techniques, packing marketing events and exhibitions, infrastructure support, training design development etc. As in Uttarakhand lot of material like carpets are produced so one can say state Uttarakhand as the host of these skill based industries.

Industries based on herbal and medicinal plants

As in Uttarakhand a vast variety of herbs, medicinal plants and aromatic plant species are found so its easy to set-up any kind of herbal or medicinal plant based industry in state Uttarakhand because of the availability of raw material. About 175 different line of herbs are found in Uttarakhand.

Why one should invest in state Uttarakhand?

There are many reason for investment in state Uttarakhand and some of them are:

Availability of raw material

Almost all type of raw material is provided by the hills, glaciers, mountains, land of state Uttarakhand like mineral resources, herbs. Some of the important minerals mined in Uttarakhand are:
- Soap stone
- Limestone
- Magnesite
- Gypsum
State Uttarakhand is a storehouse for a rich variety of herbs, medicinal and various kind of plant species.

Land bank

State Uttarakhand covers approximately an area of 54483sq kms and proper land banks are developed in state Uttarakhand to provide land for several projects.

Environment of Uttarakhand

State Uttarakhand is situated in the foothills of Great Himalaya with lot of glaciers, beautiful landforms, lakes, mountains and thereby state Uttarakhand is having pollution free environment. About 175 species of medicinal herbs found in Uttarakhand.

Hydro- power resources in Uttarakhand

9% of total hydropower potential has been tapped till now.

Services provided

As Uttarakhand is havingi lot of mountains, spiritual, adventure, religion and high end tourism along with related services.
Horticulture is being promoted in a big way through adequate incentives and facilities to the industry.

State Uttarakhand is surrounded by
about 63% of land under forests. The GDP is INR 126593.3 millions. The NDP is INR 113420 million. State Uttarakhand has unique ecosystems, wildlife parks, sanctuaries etc.
For setting a new industry in state Uttarakhand one should not at least this information about Uttarakhand:
Uttarakhand lies in the northern part of country India. Uttarakhand borders Himachal Pradesh to north west, Uttar Pradesh to the south and International border with Nepal and China. Uttarakhand is a perfect place to set-up any industry because of the availability of raw material in a cheaper way and also because of the availability of labor. Thus, Uttarakhand has a vast investment potential in areas like tourism, agriculture, forestry, pharmaceutical sectors.


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