Sumitranandan pant-the famous hindi poet of uttarakhand

In the present world of competition we really do not care about our art and literature. In our view, all the poets and writers are of no importance to us. Through this article, I want everyone to know about the famous poet of uttarakhand – sumitranandan pant who contributed a lot in Indian literature.


There are thousands of poets and writers who came, wrote their articles and poems and went away. Only some of the poets left their imprints in the hearts and minds of the people. Through this article, I want everyone to know about the famous poet of uttarakhand – sumitranandan pant who contributed a lot in Indian literature. Sumitranandan pant is the one who flew away people's heart with his touching poetry. His poems are basically based upon nature and nationalism. He had so much interest in writing that he started doing it at a very early age and proved himself. He is the owner of various Hindi compositions and helped to open up a new line in the chhayavadi format of Hindi poetry. He is also known by a popular name gosain dutt. Though his main interest was only in the Hindi poetry but he did not restrict his talent upto thet extent only, instead he also used to write various articles and diverse plays. He got many awards such as sahitya academy award, padma bhushan award, Nehru peace price from Soviet Union and a lot more.


He was born on 20 may 1900 in the kumaon district of uttarakhand. Unfortunately his mother died only after few days of his birth. He was a very innocent and shy boy. His classmates often used to tease him by calling him a girl. His grandmother was the one who took care of him and he was raised up by her only. He had 7 other siblings but he was the smallest of all the siblings. His talent of writing poetry and articles came only in very small age. In the age of playing with toys and listening poems and stories from our mothers, he had the courage the write his own poetry and that too with deep meanings. Continuing his passion for poetry, he became one of the India's most popular poets cum writers. At the age of 18, He completed his schooling from almora and then went to kasha with his brother to complete his matriculation. He did not like his name dutt, so he changed it to sumitranandan pant. Then he went to Allahabad and took admission in Allahabad University to pursue graduation, but he could not complete it as he joined the satyagraha movement to support mahatma Gandhi. Instead, he continued to study Hindi, Sanskrit and Bengali literature at home. After all education does not consist of only those things which are being taught in schools and colleges, instead it consist of all those things which we learn from here and there, specially which are of our interest. He was a very good friend of the great poet cum writer Harivansh Rai Bachchan. When his son was born, Sumitranandan pant said that 'he is Amitabh'. This was told by amitabh bachchan himself on 25 November 2009 in an episode of kaun banega crorepati. Born in such a small place, he did such big works which deserves admiration. He has proved that it is not the place where you are born that matters, but it is the talent and the courage of an individual that maters a lot.


Sumitranandan pant started writing poems only at the age of 10. As he used to live in a place full of natural beauty, mountains, antiquity and peace so his main concern was the nature. He got inspiration from his peaceful surroundings and the flora and fauna all around. The phase 1907-1918 was the turning point in his life as this was the time when he started his writing carrier. All the poems written by him in these years were combined together and a book was published in 1927. The name of the book was kept as 'veena'. Though he left his graduation in between, but he continued to study Hindi, Sanskrit and Bengali literature at home. This gave a boost to his passion and showed his thirst for the true knowledge and writing. He changed the dictionary meaning of carrier. Previously he used to write only the articles related to nature and his beauty but after visiting shri aurobindo's ashram in Pondicherry, shortly after the satyagraha movement, he started writing about very vast topics with very vast content. His articles took a new turn from nature to more materialistic, humanistic and realistic things. This change was clearly reflected by his poems on such humane themes. He was counted in one of the most renowned poet of his times. He has proved that education is not given only in schools and colleges. Instead, it depends upon the interest of the individual. If anyone has the thirst for education then he can even get it at home and if anyone does not want any education then no one in the world can force him to get it.


He used to write Hindi containing many words of Sanskrit. His language was simple and powerful. He had the ability to explain all the feelings and emotions through his words that we even fail to explain through our expressions. He used to write his artiles and poems in such a manner that the whole picture of the poems is shown in front of the reader. He also used to write some Arabic and Greek words in between Hindi and English. For example, he wrote the village shree poetry which describes a small village popularly called lakshmi's village. A village full of crops, greenery, trees, flowers and the river passing by. He explains the beauty of village in such a way that whole picture of the village comes in front of our eyes, while reading the poem. In the book of Hindi literature of India, the name of Sumitranandan pant will be written in golden words. Each of his writings contains a different theme, diverse content and a different language


-In 1968, Sumitranandan pant received jnanpith award 'chidambara' which is considered to be his most popular collection of poems.
-He also got Nehru peace prize by the soviets union for his collection 'lokyatan'.
-He was recognized as one of the leaders of Chaayavaad School of poetry.
-He has written almost 28 different published things which are so versatile that it contains poems, articles as well as the verse plays.


-Desh prem
-Bhartiya gramvasini
-Golden ray
-Art and budo moon


Unfortunately, Sumitranandan pant died on 28 December 1977 at the age of 77. In the history on Indian art and literature, he will be remembered with great respect. The place where he grew up in kasauni is now converted into a grand museum. It has been turned into a beautiful museum where all his manuscripts, poems, photographs, letters and awards are displayed. It is a heaven for all the fans and readers of the great poet. He is a great idol for all the young poets and writers. His poems give a lot of encouragement to the students as well as the normal people. Really, he was a true human.


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